Zyme Pro Smart Auto Dongle Gps Monitoring Remote


Tectotron is presenting ZYME pro the ultimate smart car device. Zyme Pro is a clever cars andtruck plug-n-play gadget which comes with a pre-installed SIM card,when linked assists you to understand regarding your vehicle's Remotetracking, trip background, engine wellness, burglary & towing alarms, rash driving notifies, geofence breach updates, SOS, roadsideassistance and also a lot a lot more. This wise vehicle indoor accessory would be compatible with all theIndian autos made message 2010 as well as uses an android bases zyme app.This is the best means to remain connected to your carremotely even when you are not around it.

1) Real-time Tracking:

Your pal or family member took your car andalso you would like to know where your automobile is as well as how it is? Live tracker will certainly understand where your vehicle is and all your trip information. It will update the place every 10 seconds and also provide you actual time parameters. Currently you understand where your vehicle isand just how it is with actual time vehicle monitoring.

2) Trip History:

Where you have actually taken a trip or where your automobile went, you can see all the past journeys together with thorough recap of the trip. Where you started to whereyou stopped every background right on your clever phone.it will also consistof details like path taken, gas taken in, distance, time taken.

3) Safety:

Vehicle's protection is one more major worry but within constructed GENERAL PRACTITIONERtracking system in zyme professional your automobile will constantly be safe and safeguarded. It gives geofence protection as well as offers an alert when your car goes across boundaries established by you. Provides the most effective security as you could keep a track of your cars and truck from anywhere.

4) Engine Diagnosis:

Having engine issues when going to office orgoing on a long flight can ruin your plans however news with Zyme professional Bluetooth Smart Vehicle Adapter you don't have to fret regarding your car's engine health and wellness. It can check the engine in less compared to 30 seconds.You don't have to do to the mechanicevery time, just do the scan, examine the issue and also get it repaired.

5) Informs:

Now never bother with your vehicle obtaining lugged and your cars and truckgetting stolen.this smart cars andtruck device always informs you by sending out sharp for burglary and also towing.You could also personalize the notifies inning accordance with your needs. You could consist of rash driving, click for more info over speeding and gadget unplugged. You additionally get notice on motorist fatigue, low battery as well as high coolanttemperature.

6) Record Wallet:

We are so hectic in our everyday regimen thatwe often forget essential papers of the auto like driving license and registration. Not now place all your crucial records likedriving certificate, Registration certificate, Insurance etc. in yourZyme app as well as never ever stress concerning your files. Currently never ever obtain captured by the policeswithout your documents.

7) Location sharing:

With Smart Vehicle Dongle GPS TrackingRemote you could my explanation share your place with your friends and family. Attribute like SOS sharp as well as auto parking locator makes this a have to have clever car device.

8) Break down assistance:

Zyme app also helps in break down support; it willget you to the closest auto mechanic as well as closest fuel pump with simply a touch. When taking a trip in an unidentified area these features of zyme comes handy.

Connect with your carremotely with this zyme pro- the ultimatesmart car accessory

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